Universal Extension Wrench

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Loosen and Tighten Fasteners in Seconds!

The Universal Extension Wrench allows you to reach out to corners didn't work before, allowing the ratchet to swing enough to ensure the work goes smooth and efficient. It is especially recommended for the usage of household, mechanical, electrical maintenance, car repair, including home decoration.


    This allows you to reach out to places that didn't work before, allowing your ratchet to swing enough to work smoothly and save time
    You can loosen the nut, you can tighten the nut, you can take out the screw, you can tighten the screw
    A great tool for the repair industry, equipped with 1:1 chrome vanadium gears and used with a variety of adapters


  • Made of high quality material, durable and practical.
  • The extension wrench keeps your hands away from hot objects, so that the awkward nut can be removed easily.
  • Set up with the extender to extend the reach of your existing tools.
  • No more one-click-at-a-time.
  • Lightweight and versatile.

Product information

  • Use with your 3/8" socket set to add 8 inches of reach
  • Rated to 30 ft-lbs of direct torque
  • Lite-duty use in your garage or home
  • Ultrasonic welded plastic housing
  • Now comes with our new 1/4" bit adapter with magnet insert.