Magic stovepipe socks

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product description

The style is suitable for all body types! !  Suitable for temperatures 0-30 degrees Celsius!!
Buy more and save more, buy more than three to send a beautiful gift box

  • Two styles to choose / see shoes and leggings
          The loopholes are not easy to slip, and even the socks can be worn.
  • Two inner layers are selected / suitable for different temperatures
          Single layer integrated with thin velvet for temperature 0-20° wear; single layer integrated with no velvet, suitable for temperature 10-30° wear

  • Custom fabric
Cotton fabric Comfortable wear / no ball / no deformation / no shrinkage

  • Thousands of frictions, no ball, no deformation
  • Super elastic, tight and not easy to slide, effectively modifying the abdominal curve
  • Hip shaping
  • Body shaping and self-cultivation
  • The sides are seamless and more beautiful, and the surface layer is not delaminated.


  • Thickness: 280d 130g
  • Material: nylon
  • Quality: First-class products
  • Color: black, skin tone
  • Specifications: rompers, footsteps
  • Features: micro-pressure is thin and not slippery, anti-hook wire can not afford the ball does not fade

Products include

  • Packing: 360 beautiful gift box packaging (three or more)


Warm reminder, there are two models of this beautiful slimming leggings.
The code is 40-65 kg , and the MM with a large size of 85 kg (plus file) has no problem, and it is more comfortable to wear. It is the latest fashion in the season.