12 PCS small grape makeup brush

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Product description

12 including concealer brush / eyebrow brush / eye shadow color brush / detail eye shadow brush / smudge brush / eyeliner brush / nose shadow brush / fire head high gloss brush / cheap high light brush / repair capacity brush / blush brush / loose powder brush  

Product specifications

  • Number of brush sets:12
  • Brush Material:Microcrystalline silk wool horse hair
  • Overall length specification: 18cm
  • Gross length specification: 5.5CM
  • Brush Material: Goat Hair

Packaging includes

1*12 small grape makeup brush / 12 small grape makeup brush


Q: multiple levels need to be cleaned once
It is recommended to clean it once every two weeks with detergent.
Q: How to prevent the brush from frying?
Love things and cherish things, after washing the brush, it is recommended to use the same size mesh to dry, do not expose to the sun.